Sunday, September 28, 2008


Tassy and I saw Cinderella on Ice this week. It was FANTASTIC. We were in the third row and Tassy was captivated the whole time. I was surprised afterwards when she said she loved it but it wasn't as good as The Sleeping Beauty. I thought she was bored after 30 mins in The Sleeping Beauty! The classic Cinderella story had been changed a bit which was interesting. Prince Charming's character was actually the Mayor's son, Cinderella was a ballet dancer and her father was a Watchmaker. The Fairy Godmother character was a gypsy which you can sort of see in the carriage photo below. It was hard finding decent pics on the net, but you can at least get an idea of what it was like...Tassy's school celebrated 100 days of school a while back by bringing or wearing 100 of something to school. We pinned 100 safety pins to Tassy's jacket. The kids in her class thought she looked "so cool" lol. When I took all the safety pins off her jacket and left them on the table, I later found them in the shape of this cute little girl. Awwww... Here's a sneak peek at another layout sample I've done for Kim's Freestyle Patchwork class. And be sure to check out Kim's blog to see a little promo video she's put together! Very cool. :)


kerry said...

Great layout and your class with Kim looks really interesting.Take care Kerry xx

Little Miss Lucy said...

Love the lo, Love the sneak peek and im so jealous you got to see cinderella on ice! I would love to go see that. Im hoping to join Kims latest looks like fun!
Lucy xx

LEA said...

lol at tassys picture, how clever!

Mardi said...

Wow ther thee'atre looks like it would have been amazing Yvette...and how cute is Tassy making that little pin picture...Im so glad you captured that...and then scrapped it..M x

Moi said...

The long and honourable tradition of the thee-atre?!
Tassy is so cute. Your LO looks great, love the design and the bracket.

Scrapsister said...

Beautiful layouts..and Cinderella looks fantastic!
Thanks so much for my Etsy package that arrived safe and sound today. They are wonderful and I can not wait to use them :)