Monday, September 08, 2008

Our weekend

We went to the lil ole town of Harden on the weekend. Dave's brother Mikey had a surprise 30th birthday party there, at the restaurant of his girlfriend Karen's parents. Mikey was there under the pretense that Karen's parents were receiving another award for their restaurant. Well he had NO idea and was totally shocked when he walked into the restaurant and saw it full of family and friends! It was priceless. Check out his slightly-uneasy-not-sure-what's-going-on-here smile.
Tassy went to bed at 10.30pm - her latest night ever and she was sooooo good! She hung out with the teenagers, playing Singstar and colouring in. She had a ball. I'm in awe of her - she is not intimidated by older kids or adults at all. The total opposite to me! She woke up even earlier than usual but for the first time ever has been FINE after having a late night.

We stayed at the Commercial Hotel (our room was nothing like the ones in these photos!). For a boy who won't stay anywhere that's less than 4 stars Dave coped reeeally well, lol. We had to use a shared bathroom, had nothing in our room apart from two beds and a dresser (which came in handy - read on...), a curtain that didn't cover the window and no lock on the door. OK, I tell a lie. There WAS a lock on the door, but since it was only held in place by one screw, it swung back and forth and was totally useless! So we slept with the dresser pushed up against the door.

Here's Tassy outside Karen's parents' restaurant. I LOVED all the old buildings in Harden and would have loved to have wandered around taking lots of photos. Can you see the graze on Tassy's cheek? She got that at school last week, after being pushed over by a boy. It's looking much better than it was! Luckily it was only shallow so it's healing really quickly. I still have lots of layouts to share so I'll show you a couple here. I've always loved this Gaelic Blessing and have been wanting to put it on a layout for ages. Finally I had the perfect photo for it! After I'd finished the layout I remembered there are more lines to the Blessing, Do'h! Thanks to Helen for a bit of fresh vintage inspiration. And check out those two old BG diecut tags. YES they are OUT from my stash now! Woohoo!
I was pretty darn proud of the super simple Fathers Day card I made my dad too! I'm not a "classy" scrapbooker, but I thought my card turned out pretty classy! What about "Dad" - can you tell I didn't have any Ds or As? I used two Ps and a V! ;) You useless letters will all eventually be used. I will win! mwa ha ha


Belinda Venables said...

Look at his face - priceless!

I love the photo of Tassy too...:D

Your room sounds 'interesting' eeek!

Love the layouts and love the card too 'classy' all the way! :D


Charlotte said...

See ya later old BG stuff.. and don't come back y'hear!! Good on ya for using up old stuff and making it look so beautiful! I love that page and the blessing is perfect- fresh vintage.. just stunning.
I can't believe Tassy got pushed over by a boy (does he secretly love her?) I hope she pushed back!! (is that bad advice?)
I love Dad's card too, you are totally amazing with your letter usage/creativity!! I can't believe the letters you can create from left over useless letters! You're the best at that :)
I'm looking forward to coming down and sharing some of your Mojo!!
Love Charlotte

Nicole said...

Sounds like you had a 'lovely' room, good thing for that dresser I say.

Gorgeous pages and that card is classy. Love that you used up some other letters. LOL


Moi said...

I LOVE what you do with old stuff!
Have been to Harden a few times myself - friends own the second hand bookstore which is in the old church (previously used as a scout hall!). It's a cool place! Sorry to read about your accommodation though!

Rach said...

Beautiful layouts Yvette!

I really hope Tassy got up and smacked the charming little boy that pushed her :o)

Have a great week and I am very glad to hear the room at Harden had a dresser.


Little Miss Lucy said...

your layouts look fab as per usual Yvette! I thought using the P's and V was a great have lots of brilliant ideas in that head of yours :)

Tassy is just a cute isnt she.

hehe i bet it was scary having the dresser as your room lock lol.

hope your well
Lucy xx

susy said...

Hi Yvette, thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Love your layouts, they're gorgeous.

helen karanfilovski said...

Oh poor Tassy - I agree with Charlotte - I use to push boys I secretly liked - maybe he has a secret crush on her (great way to show it!!!)I ... I love the flip flap with more lovely photos under it (you are both so GORGEOUS)... and the vintage one - mmmmm, lovely indeed - the photo is perfect for the journaling.....

Tara Ward said...

Harden ! LOL My cousin married a Harden boy, his name is Rodney Beal! We stayed at the Commercial for the engagement party I know what you mean Yvette! Dodge city....but so funny! When we stayed they told us they had renovated lol. I think Harden and the rest of the world have different concepts of what a renovation is!!
-Tara Ward