Monday, June 16, 2008

Pox and scrap

YAY I am pretty much over the Chicken Pox! Ignorant ole me didn't really give it much thought and just assumed Chicken Pox was itchy spots. Well let me tell you there is a lot more to it than that! I was a write-off for about 4 days, so tired and vague, had insomnia, fever, no appetite, sore throat, not to mention the sore blisters. And the weird thing? They were barely itchy at all! They were more sore than itchy and I knew if I scratched it would hurt more than anything. I left the house on the weekend, for the first time in 10 days (other than a doctor's appointment). My spots have been clearing up from the head down - my face is pretty good now. It just looks like i have acne, and compared to how I DID look it's actually good to look like I only have acne! My tummy and back are still very spotty but luckily they're covered up, and my legs are only JUST healing now. I took two weeks off work but since I'd only been there for 4 months I didn't have enough sick so I had to take some sick leave and some Rec Leave. Now I have a cold so I'm just really looking forward to feeling well again! Shouldn't be long now. :)

The July kit at Designing Memories has just been released. It's very bright and funky and there are these gorgeous sheets of felt lace. I've cut it into 1 and 2 inch strips on my layouts. It's adhesive too - very cool! You can see the Design Team Gallery here. This first one is about when my sisters Charlotte and Felicity (and baby Cooper) came to visit a few weekends ago. I knew Charlotte was coming but it was a huge surprise that Fliss and Cooper came too! You can probably guess that this one's about Tassy's room. :) I took the photo two years ago and she looks so little. She is growing up way too fast! She's getting so tall, and soooo skinny. We're always trying to get her to eat more. She was SUCH a chubby baby and used to love food. Not sure why she's not great at mealtimes now. Although I have to give her credit for eating her breakfast well this morning. She ate her porridge faster than me!Recently Tassy went thru a phase of giving us this look and saying "ahhhh... perhaps a little help here" in this little singing voice with all the attitude you can imagine. Soooo funny. I have no idea where she picked it up from. I just wanted to remember that cos it was so funny.


Moi said...

3 more divinies!!! Glad you're getting better. xxx

Belinda Venables said...

So great to hear that you're on the mend Yvette. I really should do something about getting myself vacinated against the dreaded pox -you just never know do you?

Love your layouts using the kit. I'm off to check out the kit a little closer.


KimA said...

Great layouts Yvette - another beautiful kit this month. Glad you are feeling better - I had the pox at 15 so I sort of know where you are coming from!!!

Charlotte said...

Yay for getting better!! Are you going to work on Thurs? Maybe you should turn up as Jackie O- scarf covering your head and massive sunglasses to hide your face. Lol! I can picture it now... it suits you!! :)
I love that felt lace, it looks so beautiful. I'll have to search it out. Bummer there are no scrappin stores near me anymore now the 2 have gone from Parra. Gotta make a trip out to see Fliss sometime soon then :)
The page of Tassy's new saying is so funny. I can hear her saying it! Lol. Thats a great thing to capture in a scrappin page.

Nicole said...

Love these pages, very cool style there.

Good to hear your on the mend too. Yuck I've never had chicken pox.


lusi said...

so sorry to hear you have been sick mate :( poor thing!
i always adore your work and these pages really are stunning mate.
continue to get better!
love lusi x

Sheree said...

So glad to hear you're over those horrible pox Yvette! I had them as a kid but I can still remember it...

Love your very cool layouts as always! The pic you used on the last one of Tassy's new saying is just perfect! What a classic!

Sheree xx

Megan said...

hello lovely!

these are all gorgeous yvette! you are a gun scrapper!

love me xx

Tammy James said...

Gorgeous pages Yvette!
I think I'll be stopping by more often! : )