Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

Tassy had been planning my breakfast in bed all week. She asked me what I would like for breakfast and I said panckes (lol). She said "uhhhhh.... I can't make anything hot" in a very matter of fact you-should-already-know-that...DER kind of voice! I said I would love a vegemite sandwich. So after a little tantrum at 7.30am cos she didn't want to wait until 8am, she came in bright and happy at 8am announcing that she was off to make my breakfast. So she brought me in my vegemite sandwich (without butter lol). Then I got up and Dave and Tassy went to McDonalds to buy us all some pancakes. Dave and I don't do presents for each other on Mothers/Fathers Day (which is perfect!) and we just love the special things Tassy gives us. She gave me a card and laminated painting that she had made at school, a bonbon she made in Kim's mothers day workshop, and a soap and bunny-shaped-facewasher from the mothers day stall at school. Remember those? lol - it has been YEARS since I saw one and it was so cool to be given one on mothers day!

We went to Dave's parents' for lunch and I finally got my first, and second, cuddles with baby Lara who is now two months old. She is just the cutest, with the most amazing long (for a baby!) very fair hair! So cute. I was really annoyed at myself for forgetting my camera. I still have not a single photo of my first niece! But oh we had some beautiful cuddles. :) There was heaps of food for our BBQ lunch so we brought leftovers home for dinner, so I didn't have to cook at all (just reheat, lol). It was a lovely mothers day. :)


Alison Shearer said...

Sounds like the perfect Mothers Day to me!


helenkaranfilovski said...

Great to read about your Mother's Day Yvette! And hubby and I are the same with the gifts:)
LOVE your layouts!!!

Moi said...