Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Flowers

You HAVE to go and check out Kim Archers blog. She has just posted instructions for making these little beauties Aren't they just sooooooo cool! Kim is running another online workshop for Mothers day which will be happening very soon. Lots of great projects over a five day period. I'm very excited about it!

Short n sweet tonight - I'll just leave you with this little fridge magnet frame thingy (official name) which is on the KSK portal today. I love these gorgeous products and colours.


Anonymous said...

I like the photo thingy too!!! LOL And thanks for sharing the link to Kim's new project! It hasn't come through on my blogarithm yet. Moi

Narelle said...

Linked to your blog through another friend's. Love your Mother's Day Flowers. Bright and happy. Lucky mums out there.

Sheree said...

The flowers are too cute! I'll have to go and check out Kim's site next... Love the magnet! I'm sure it looks great on the fridge!

Sheree xx