Tuesday, April 08, 2008


My parents stayed with us for the weekend. Well for four nights actually. They haven't stayed with us for that long for a while and it was SOOO nice to have them here. We stretched out my birthday to three days. :) On Saturday we watched Tassy at Jazz, went out for coffee, enjoyed my cake in the afternoon, beautifully decorated by Tassy with a little help from my dad (Goofy-face warning on upcoming photo)and went out to a Turkish restaurant for dinner. The food was yum, service was great (unusual for Canberra!) and it was a bargain too.I got lots of lovely presents - including lots of scrapbooking supplies from my parents, my in-laws and my sister. Dave and Tassy gave me a Pandora bracelet that we chose a few weeks ago and I LOVE. I should take a photo of it shouldn't I...
Mum bought me these beauties..On Sunday we went to Corin Forest to do the toboggan ride that I've always wanted to try. We all had a ride, including my mum, and we loved it! Three kangaroos decided to cross the road right in front of us. Actually, they just wanted to travel along the road in front of us, until Dave finally honked them, then they bounded off into the bush. Tassy laughed herself silly. She finally stopped, sighed and said "oh I will always remember this day", lol. Afterwards we went to the dishes for lunch. I'm not sure why we've never thought of taking dad there before cos it was SO up his alley. He loved it. We do too. I just had a look at those photos again and I see that dad and I are both wearing the same silly white hat, lol. Then we went to the cool park in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and came home exhausted but very happy after such a great day out together.On Monday we took Tassy to school, stayed for assembly and went into class to help out. Mum and dad loved seeing Tassy at school and meeting her teacher and the principal and helping out. Then we left Tassy at school and went to the National Gallery to see the Turner to Monet exhibition. We were lucky enough to arrive just as a guide was about to take a group through so we spent an hour with her which was fantastic. I've never had a guide before and it really made the paintings and the artists come to life. Awesome.
After helping out in Tassy's class again this morning mum and dad went home. Thanks to the gorgeous girls who left me birthday messages - I had a wonderful birthday! :D


Kim Archer said...

well hi there birthday girl:)
those toboggan photos look familiar ;)
Glad you had a lovely visit with your parents and a Pandora bracelet!! woo hoo!
Happy birthday again:)))

Moi said...

Not a goofy face in sight.
Glad it was good - looks fun! Hope to have a celebrating afternoon tea soon!

helenkaranfilovski said...

Oh, a pandora bracelet - I saw so many lovely ones at Crop For Kids. I was fascinated by them. Oh, Yvette, I loved seeing all of your pics - I am so happy you had a lovely birthday. Oh and that exhibition is coming here next, I think. I saw a billboard for it and said to myself - I am going!! LOL!!

Cheers Helenxx

Rachie Wyndham said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday!

Cant wait to see the pic of your new bling and thanks for the review of the exhibition, might change my mind and go :o)

Hope all your Birthday wishes come true.

Sheree said...

Great pics Yvette! Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing a photo of your new bracelet! Lucky you!

Sheree xx