Saturday, February 02, 2008

Old stuff

Well, a brand new layout, but a very old photo and programme! This memorabilia is from when I was in the Music Man in Year 7. Nearly 23 years ago! Wow I feel so old saying I did something "23 years ago"! What inspired me to create this layout? The want of a permanent place to put this programme that's been annoying me by floating around my scrapbooking drawers for months! I'm happy I hung on to it all those years. It's lovely reading all those names again. I don't remember much about the musical at all actually! But I remember that I was supposed to sing a line of a song solo, as were some other girls, and we were all so quiet they decided to lump us all together and we sang several lines all together. That's when this photo was taken. And I remember a scene where the leading characters were supposed to kiss and they just put their heads together and hid their faces, pretending to kiss, lol. And I had a crush on a Year 11 guy in the musical. I was 12 lol. That's about it for me tonight! I'm hoping for an early night after a late one last night. I need to be well rested and prepared for Tassy's first day of school on Monday. So I don't fall apart! lol


Sheree said...

Looks great Yvette! Good on you for finally scrapping this memory - what a great photo & memorabilia to have and look back on!
SYTYCD only just finished here - wasn't it great? Can't wait for next week now! LOL!
Have a great week!
Sheree xx

Mardi said...

Yvette...I love the way you work magic on older photos....I dont think anyone does it as well as are the queen!!

Wishing Tassy all the very best for school today too....(I think its today) ... Mardi xx

Kristine said...

Good luck for Tassy's first day of school today and take a tissue or two with you Yvette. *sob* - I still have another two years to go until Adam starts school but my stomach gets all tied up in knots thinking about it. And i LOVE that layout with your Year 7 photo. Beautiful work and such a cool idea to scrap it!