Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Designing with glass

This happened to my car when it was parked outside work on Friday. The grass looked like it had been freshly mowed so I have to assume it was a projectile from the mower! It was actually sorta pretty. When the sun shone on it the effect was DAZZLING inside the car, lol. A few days and $350 later it was fixed.But, what do you do when you have 1½ hours to kill in a hot Industrial Estate while waiting for your car window to be fixed? And you have a 5½ year old in tow? Well, you discover a trashy Take-Away place and have a Paddlepop. Then you discover an Antique Store. You enter the store, just out of curiosity, cos you still love antiques, but they're not your decor of choice at the moment. But then you find a stash of printers trays. You've always wanted one but have never seen one to buy. And they're only $25 each. So you decide to give one a good home. Maybe aforementioned 5½ year old might like to store her "little treasures" in it. And look, one of the trays even has tiny little metal things inside. What could they be? They're actually the original tiny metal stamps! So you ask the guy if you might be able to buy a couple of those too. He picks up a handful of "H"s and says "you can have these". Then you ask "could I just choose a couple of meaningful letters?". You eventually find all the letters that spell 5½yo's name, and a couple of other initials (you have plenty of time). Hours later when you get home, 5½yo discovers she's left her teddy at the antique store. So the next day by pure coincidence you actually happen to be in the vicinity so you call in to collect the teddy, and ask if you can take some more of the metal stamps so you end up with at least one of each. All for free. You're a happy girl. :)


Sheree said...

Wow - $350 for that little window?! How unfortunate for you to have it smashed in the first place. At least something nice came out of having to get it fixed!
It's amazing the things you can stumble upon when you least expect it! Sounds like 1 1/2 hours well spent Yvette!
Sheree xx

heyhoewarren said...

okay - now I need to see a pic of the printer drawer and metal type thingys! great story Yvette - not great about the window though. Lis. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey I agree with Lis ... I'd like to see a pic!!! Sounds like a great find! Bummer about the window though. :)
Moi x

Alison Shearer said...

Me three - need to see a pic of the printers tray and the letters. What a lucky find - bummer about the window though!


Tara Ward said...

Sorry about your window, but nice to hear your positive spin on it! What is a printer drawer????