Friday, January 11, 2008

I got the job!!!

Woohoo! Remember the interview I had in December? Well yay I got the job! I am so relieved. I'm hoping to start on 7 February after Tassy starts school. So I will work two days a week and Dave will work 3 days. It will be perfect - there will always be one of us to take Tassy to and from school, to help out at school, to look after her if she's sick, or in school holidays. It looks like everything will work out! YAY! Breathing a sigh of relief. I'm looking forward to us both contributing financially, and both being able to be involved in Tassy's school, and each having some "me time"! Scrapbooking etc for me and World of Warcraft for Dave lol. Ahhh it will be great.

We had Moira and Roie over this morning. It was so good to chat with you again Moi! Looking forward to catching up with you on a wednesday! :)

Now some layouts to share! These are the professional photos from Tassy's dance concert in December. I was really really disappointed with the photos and almost didn't scrapbook them, but I decided that I *had* to scrapbook them. And now I think they actually look better. So it was worthwhile, lol.


Debster said...

Hi Y
Congratulations on getting the job & what a great solution for you both to work part time! I hope everything goes really well for you and your family - a pretty good start to the New Year eh? Tassy looks so sweet in her dancing costumes - the layouts are lovely!
Best wishes & take care

Kim Archer said...

Yay!! Well done..i knew you could do it..congrats on the new job...and your layouts are lovely

Jolene Pienaar said...

WOW congrats on the job girlie!! So glad all the big plans worked out for you and your hubby!!!

Love the LO's too!!

Moi said...

Great to see you too. So pleased for you. Love your LOs as always. x

Megan said...

Hey Yvette!

These layouts look great - Tassy looks SO GROWN UP!!

I am so pleased you got the job and you and Dave can divide the working week up the way you sounds just ideal.

Megan xx