Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We saw Enchanted the other day. Dave, Tassy and I. Tassy and I looooved it. And I now have an earworm - I can't get "That's how you know" out of my head! Maybe I think of myself as the heroin, breaking into song whenever I feel like it. Well - I do like to sing :) And as much as I'm not a fan of Patrick Dempsey, he won me over in this film. Not that I EVER want to see Can't Buy Me Love again!

I got all inspired to scrap yesterday. I've had the photos printed for this layout for a few months and had no idea how to scrap them. Then all of a sudden yesterday it all fell into place. Gotta love that! Pity it's such a rare occurrence for me! These pics are of the cousin line-up from our family holiday in October, as well as the same photo from 20 years ago. I love comparing the two. The bottom photo is the cousins with partners and offspring.And this one I did in super record time - about 20 minutes! I was going for some white space, but Dave reckons it LOOKS like it only took 20 minutes. "Where's the rest of it?" You know I usually don't show him my layouts, but I thought I'd show him this one cos he's in it and he was at home when I did it. I should have learnt by now!!!Oh - and Happy New Year! We were planning on having dinner at our favourite restaurant in Canberra and watching the 9pm fireworks. But when I phoned to make the booking I found out they're closed over Christmas/New Year. Dave didn't want to drive to Civic just for the fireworks so we ended up going to dinner somewhere closer to home with my friend Cathy and her step-daughter, then we all came back here for ice cream and to watch the 9pm fireworks on TV. Well the 3 oldies watched the fireworks and the two little girls ran around crazy and danced to the fireworks music. lol It was fun. I was asleep at about 11:30pm but woke up to all the fireworks in our neighbours' backyards. Aren't I sad, lol. :) I got text messages from my sisters who were all still up till the wee hours. I'm not into that anymore. Gimme a bed. :)


Moi said...

Happy New Year Eevee! Finally grabbed a chance to get online. Love the LOs, including the 'white space'! The cousins LO is a fabulous design. Looking forward to seeing you again in the next fortnight hopefully. x

heyhoewarren said...

Happy New Year Yvette!! You're not alone in the NYE stakes - we came home at 10pm! When you've got 2 littlies that are going to be awake at 6.30am regardless of what time they go to bed, you need all the sleep you can get (lol). Sad really.
I hope you have a fantastic 2008.

Rachie said...

Happy New Year Yvette!
We also loved Enchanted - well Zara and I that is - I think we will be looking closely for when it comes out on DVD.
You are right Patrick Dempsey was very appealing in the movie :o)

Love your layouts the really do look fantastic - perhaps ask Dave to do one :o)

Good luck with the job hunt.

Jolene Pienaar said...

Happy new year girlie!! Just adore your layouts and think your 20 min one is just rocking this world!! Don't let hubby tell you otherwise ;)

kathie said...

No way! I love all that white space. Tell him he aint no scrapper, lol.

I so know what you mean about having jingly little songs going round and round in your head.

..fruit salad... yummmy yummy.... fruit salad.... yummy yummy....

I've only listened to the Wiggles about 100x in the last month. And I don't think I could tell you one song in the current top 10 on the hit parade. Is it even still called that?

Megan said...

Seriously Yvette, you have got to STOP showing Dave your creations lol! I think they both look fabulous, and you are a star!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO...yes I know I am late lol.....

Megan xx