Monday, November 12, 2007

an outing

Tassy's preschool went to the zoo on friday. I went along as a helper, and since Dave is still on holidays he decided to come along too. He didn't want to be a helper - didn't want to have the responsibility of any children, but he ended up carrying the crate of drinks around all morning, lol. I was allocated Tassy and two other girls, but I ended up adopting two other girls as well. Luckily they were all pretty good and it was much easier looking after 5 girls at the zoo, than looking after only 2 at Questacon! That was the last excursion and it was frantic! Tassy had our old camera at the zoo and snapped a few photos, including this one of Dave and I which I love. And one of her feet. She used to take photos of her feet all the time lol.Now here are a few layouts I haven't shared yet... Is anyone else as addicted to Facebook as me?


Moira said...

What a top picture of you and Dave!
He won't be volunteering for excursions again, will he? LOL
Love the LOs as usual - and the scallops! ;)

Rachie said...

That is a fantastic photo that Tassy took Yvette!

..... and no I dont now what you are talking about with Facebook.

Megan said...

That is a gorgeous photo of you and Dave, Yvette! And I love the feet photo....Olivia used to always do her feet and her belly button lol.

Your layouts are beautiful as always too.

And no, I have been avoiding Facebook as much as I can! When I sit and start playing with it I get sucked right in, so it's best to stay away sometimes lol...

Megan xx

Kylee said...

Hi Yvette - just popped by and laughed when I saw your question about facebook! SO ADDICTIVE! It's possibly worse than blogs??

Shame that STL shut down tho eh?


lusi said...

OMGOSH! How much am i in love with your layouts!!!! LOVE the cornrow one especially :)
Lus x