Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm back

Grandpa's funeral on Friday was lovely. We went to Sydney and back for the day so it was a very big day. We're all a bit tired now but luckily we were fine on the day. My uncle wrote a fantastic eulogy. And I learnt a few things about my Grandpa's life that I didn't know. I have my own copy of the unedited eulogy (it's very long) containing fantastic info. And a little brush with fame that I didn't know about - my Grandpa grew up in Naremburn and lived in the same house that Henry Lawson had lived in a few years earlier! Pretty cool. Grandpa's 5 children were there, as well as 12 of his 13 grandchildren (one is working in Vietnam) and his 8½ grandchildren (one not born yet). It was lovely to see everyone. We didn't get to do much catching up cos we only had about an hour afterwards to chat, but I will see lots of my family next weekend at Felicity's 30th, and next month we will see almost all of my family on mum's side at our reunion holiday. I can't wait!

I got this gorgeous little cupcake from Julie Love - I was a lucky winner on her blog! How gorgeous is it! It looks so real, but it's just for looks! Great for anyone on a diet lol. It even smells delicious. Tassy kept disappearing with it to "have birthday parties for my toys". I almost didn't put this next layout on my blog... It's another one of my Grandpa. I admit this is not one of my favourites and I was trying to use up some old products, but Dave saw a pic of it on my pc last night and went "Eiiiiow, whose is that?", "That would be mine", "Yours! That is one of the worst layouts I've ever seen. It is disgusting. Why would you use brown with blue? That is the worst colour combination ever. What disgusting journalling. It looks like you just threw a bunch of scraps on a page. It's a scrapping atrocity. It makes me physically sick." and on and on and on..... Noice! He's not backward in coming forward is he! Ready for the scrapping atrocity? Avert your eyes if you wish!


Lea said...

hmmm that meanie! you tell dave i am going to have a word to him!!

Julie LOVE said...

Hey Yvette I love the layout.......I agree with Lea....Dave is a meanie LOL actually I LOVE brown and blue together.......I think it looks cool :0)

Glad that you liked the cupcake

Have a great week


Mardi said...

Hi Yvette...I have to say that cupcake looks delicious....what a pity it isnt magic...where you could eat it...and it would come back a never ending

...and Im joing the 'Daves a meanie' cheer squad...because I actually really like the scrap older photos so beautifully.

Mardi xx

Megan said...

Right. You tell Dave that I'll meet him in the carpark after school and we'll sort this out!!! What a big poo he is!!! I'm glad you posted it Yvette - it's a fabulous layout and Dave has obviously spent too much time in front of the computer screen playing Warcraft because it has made his eyes go funny and his judgement is warped! Grrr to Dave!

I'm glad everything went well in Sydney. Isn't it sad that we find out so many interesting things about someone we thought we knew so well, only after they have died? I felt the same at my Grandfather's funeral....I heard so many stories about his life that I had no idea of when he was alive. Anyway, enough about me....I am pleased you all went together and that the funeral was a great celebration of a wonderful man.

Megan xx

Moira said...

Hey you need to update missy. :)
I came here the other day, wrote a big long comment and then the blinking internet connection went and I lost it. Grrr ...
Now as far as Dave goes ... umm, I am NEVER letting him see any of my layouts!!! LOL A good one of mine isn't nearly as good as a dodgy one of yours - though I don't think that is at all dodgy.
Anyway I hope you are feeling OK - have been thinking of you. xxx
LOL at 'avert your eyes'!