Saturday, May 05, 2007

KSK and drama

My latest KSK Design Team layout. The theme was Heritage and I have had this photo for SOOOOO long waiting to be scrapped. One of the babies is my mum, but no one knows which one she is - they are identical. Actually, in all the photos of the twins as babies, one of the babies looks like both of them, and the other baby looks like neither of them! .... if that makes sense...
Oh - a bit of drama at our place tonight. There were some knocks on our door at 10pm. Dave went to check it out. Nothing. Then more knocks. No one there... Then the doorbell rang. Dave answered it again and this girl about 20yo pushed past him into our house saying "My dad wants to talk to you!". Dave kept saying "Who ARE you?" and she wouldn't asnwer. Eventually he took the phone of her and spoke to this girl's dad. She just stood in the corner in our entry, looking freaked out. I gave her a drink and asked if she was ok. She said yes but wouldn't say much else. Her dad told Dave she was obviously distressed and not to let her leave the house. He wanted us to put her in a cab and gave us their address (about 20 mins drive away). But after they hung up she freaked out "let me out of this !@#$ house!". So we let her go. I felt bad about that, but I didn't want some psycho who I don't know in our house with our sleeping daughter! So we called the police and told them what happened. They sent out a car to talk to us then they went looking for her. They found out who she was from the address we gave them and someone at the station called her mobile, but she was abusive and hung up on them. So I hope they ended up finding her. Well that was our exciting night. And we live in a very quiet street, in a quiet outer suburb.

Now I'm off to bed. Goonight!


Moira said...

Goodness me! Yes that would have been rather confronting. Hope she is OK too. But you're right, your priority is with Tassy.
The LO is great - did you journal on chipboard?!

Lis said...

Beautiful layout :)
Wow that would of been freaky, not sure how I would of reacted.

Ngaire said...

How scary! I hope the girl is ok too.
Gorgeous layout!

Mardi said...

Wow Yvette...thats not the sort of thing you expect at 10pm at night...Im like you though...I hope she was ok.
There is nothing you could have done though....your families safety has to come first.

Your KSK layout id fabulous....and what an amazing story about the twins...

Mardi x

Alice said...

wow! I love that layout Yvette! Love your blog too. Have just discovered it and am now glued to the PC drooling over your beautiful pages!
Have added it to my favourites!

Megan said...

Oh Yvette...I know you feel bad, but I'm with you...I wouldn't have wanted anyone like that in my house with the kids asleep. I do hope they found her and she was okay though.

Your heritage layout looks unreal - love that photo.

Hoping you have an uneventful week!

Megan xx

Felicity said...

Wow!!! Thats terrible!!! And you think sydneys bad! i've never had anything like that happen to me!
Love that LO of Grandma and Granidpa.

Charlotte said...

What a crazy thing!! Strange chick..
Love the layout, its funny to see Grandpa and Grandma with such young babies when they look exactly the same as they did 30yrs later when i was born. Lol!