Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Canberra Zoo

We went to the Zoo yesterday with Lea, Bella and Ollie. We hadn't been for two years, or as Tassy said "hundreds and hundreds of years". I guess she didn't remember the last time! Apart from it being hot, it was really great. Tassy and Bella even fed a giraffe. My most favourite animal. The giraffes were awesome. So incredibly taaaaaaall. And they were being very lovey dovey with each other. Well, just a quickie today to upload these pics!


Jolene Pienaar said...

oh love the photos of the giraffes heads touching! And those two girls in their pinks and cute hats will be adorable on a LO ... quick Yvette ... go scrap scrap scrap!

Rachie said...

Oh you were brave going there in this heat!
Worth it for the photos and sounds like little people had a wonderful time - after all, a century is such a long time to wait for a visit to the Zoo :)

Beth said...

Wow! I love the photos!

Mardi said...

Hi Yvette.. What lovely photos from the Zoo...those giraffes look so majestic with their long long legs...and I can imagine you had a wonderful day.
I adore that layout of Bella and Tassy too...I bet Tassy loves it.
Mardi x

Moira said...

Cute photos! And that one of the giraffes in a loveheart is so cool!