Friday, December 08, 2006


Yippee! Down Memory Lane had a closing down sale and you could say I went a little crazy! I bought $AU120 worth of stuff. The postage costs were a shocker - $AU60! But I've worked out that I still saved quite a bit (I'll just keep telling myself that anyway!). As you can see I got lots of Heidi stuff, and lots of pp and a few other bits and pieces. It's so exciting getting a package like this! My sister Charlotte got back from the US yesterday so I'm keen to know what scrapping supplies she bought. She says she's now very inspired to get scrapping again after not doing any for a few months.

I realised today I have a few little projects to get done next week. I feel like I got nothing done this week PLUS the house is a mess. How does that work? Totally not fair! The house only deserves to be a mess if I have been playing!

I'll report on Kim Archers Extravaganza tomorrow!


Jolene Pienaar said...

Oh those goods just look soooooo yummy! Pity about that ridiculous amount of postage costs.

Mardi said...

Yvette ...its so lovely to pop in and see what youve been up to.
Love Love all the goodies....Ive been peering at the photo trying to see it all...Yummo...I love new supplies so much.

Hasnt Kims extravaganza been wonderful ...your work is so beautiful....and the projects were so much fun...Im looking forward to sharing.

Hope you are having a lovely lead up to Christmas....and staying cool in this ridiculously hot weather.....or maybe its not that bad there?....
Mardi x

tracey said...

Well, its almost like being there to open the box... great stash of goodies. Looks like some fun days playing ahead for you - I love HS