Friday, September 01, 2006


Wow... I just finished watching The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I started watching this movie about three months ago and watched it in bits and pieces over the last few months. This is totally NOT the way to watch this film! I just had to go back and watch the beginning again. Such a good movie. Really different. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet both played really different characters to their norm. I normally can't stand Jim Carrey but he was fantastic in this. And I love Kate Winslet. I can't really tell you anything about it without spoiling it, so just go and hire it!

What have I been up to today? Well this morning I spent an hour trying to get onto the Ticketek website to get tickets to the Chili Peppers concert. I was hitting refresh every 10 seconds for over an hour! I finally got on and the tickets were all sold. Sigh... Well at least we've seen them before. This afternoon I took Tassy to the mint to make a coin. It's not as exciting as it sounds... you put $2.50 in a machine, press a button, the machine does a very loud KA-CHUNK and out pops a brand new $1 coin. Anyway, on the way there Tassy fell asleep in the car! She NEVER sleeps during the day. But I was happy for her to have a nap cos she was up really early and has had a cold this week. So I pulled into some village shops and ran into a newsagents and bought a magazine and a yummy chocolate tart from the pattisserie next door. Then I drove to the Mint and sat in the car for 1 1/4 hours till she woke up. btw the chocolate tart was really yummy and I'll be going back to that pattisserie! While I waited in the car I kept expecting a security guard to knock on my window, to ask why I was suspiciously waiting in the carpark for so long! Tassy finally woke up and we raced inside to make a coin and have a really quick look at the places where the circulated coins and proof sets and medals are made. Then we had to pick up Dave from work. Anyway it was a fun afternoon. And the chocolate tart was yummy :)


Sharryn T said...

LOL @ Tassy falling asleep at the mint. My DD has been to Canberra and had the coin made...she is now 17 and says it's so boring. really had me sold with that choc tart..had my mouth watering..LOL
Love the new pics you've taken of the gorgeous Tassy. :)
Take Care
Sharryn :)

Felicity said...

You are such a great Mum. How many people would've just woken up their child instead of sitting in the car for over an hour. She is really blessed to have you as her Mum!

Moira said...

Ummm - let me just clarify - was the chocky tart yummy? LOL Sounds like a great day. Love those photos of Tassy. Looking forward to next weekend!!!

Moira said...

P.S. Eternal Sunshine is excellent - I loved it too!