Saturday, August 26, 2006


I taught Tassy to play Uno last Sunday. She picked it up on the first game - I was amazed! She's so good at it too. She had been really naughty lately and this week she has been much better. I wonder if Uno has helped. I'm sure she had been naughty cos she was bored and Uno is a fun game. I'm more than happy to play it with her. She is really ready for Preschool next year. She goes to Playschool at the moment, once a week for 4 hours. Preschool is 3 days, 4 hours each and it will be fantastic for her. She's such a social little thing I'm not worried for her at all. She's so unlike me! I was a PAINFULLY shy child. And I'm a little better as an adult.

I'll share my latest layout from the Aussie Reader Gallery of Creating Keepsakes. It was actually used in last month's issue to advertise CK, which was a bit weird since the layout hadn't even been published yet! It took me ages to come up with a title for this layout. I knew what I wanted to say and just couldn't put the words together. This photo is from Floriade last year. I love Floriade. Only three weeks till it's on again.


Mardi said...

Hi kids adore Uno too...its a great game!

I love this Floriade layout too...beautiful colours and the flowers are the perfect backdrop for the photo.....your title was perfecttoo...I know what you mean though...sometimes it takes me ages to think of the title and journalling...longer than the actual layout.
Have a great week
Mardi x

Felicity said...

I think Tassy will be great at preschool. She's just amazing!
I love this LO. Its so bright and happy! You're talent overflows!!!

Alanna said...

Another beautiful LO

Alanna :)

Sharryn T said...

Hi there Yvette...
I love this Floriade LO and I'm hoping to talk my hubby into taking us down for a drive this year as I've never been before.
LOL @ Tassy with the are crazy sometimes aren't they?
Sharryn :)

Jolene Pienaar said...

Hello, I loved this LO ever since I saw it on MB ages ago. It is just gorgeous! And I love the way you did the title too!

And how funny with the magician!

Moira said...

I was so excited when I saw this in CK! It's such a fantastic layout - love the way you've done the title and the photo is gorgeous!!! I'll be going to Floriade too. ;)