Monday, July 17, 2006

Well here are our fishies. It's very hard to see them! It's a bit sad tho - we've only had them for just over 24 hours and already 3 have died! One of the big Silver Sharks and two of the tiny neons. We don't know what the problem is. I'll call the petshop tomorrow to see if they have any ideas. Hopefully it's the stress of a new environment and the rest will be OK!These are the Silver Sharks (there's only one of them now) and the catfish.
And these are the cute little neons. And those yellow blurry things are the guppies!I'm a little worried that all our fish will die! Neither of us know anything about fish, but we did what we were told at the petshop!

Today Tassy and I went to Krispy Kreme for the first time ever. We got free doughnuts while we were waiting in line - so COOL! How often does that happen? Can I expect that every time I go in? :D Anyway we really didn't need to buy any more after the freebies, but I thought I'd be a bit cheap if I left so we bought one doughnut. The guy on the checkout said "only one!". Don't people ever buy just one? Anyway it sounded yummy - chocolate with custard inside. We'll share it tomorrow. Unless it calls to me tonight...


Moira said...

The fish look great! Hope they are all OK and there are no more fatalities. I'm sure they'll be fine. KK donuts are SO yummy. I think buying one is fine!!! You just buy one bun from a bakery, so how is KK any different?! BTW, I emailed StL and our first project should be soon! :)

Joc said...

My BIL and his wife are fish friendly, and they said that it is not uncommon to lose up to half when you first introduce them to a new tank! Hope you dont lose any more.

Had to laugh at one of your previous posts about your daughter cutting her hair. Mine did that too about two months ago - what a mess. I thought she had grown out of it at almost eight but no - now it has a fringe again after growing the previous one out for two years :-( Oh Well.

Sharryn T said...

Hmmmmm..guppies. DH had me traipsing all over the local picnic ground yesterday morning looking for these as he now has yabbies in tanks and apparently the guppies keep the tanks clean. Didn't get any this time around though.
Yes..I think it's OK to just buy 1 donut from KK. Whenever one of my boys has indoor cricket training I go to the drive-thru to get coffee and I buy just 2 donuts. I think they just expect people to buy a box of them. Yuk!!
Sharryn :)