Saturday, June 04, 2011

Vintage Typewriter

I've been looking for a typewriter for a while. I'm really looking for a WORKING one (the cuter the better, and I'm still looking) but I was lucky enough to win this one on ebay a few months ago for $5.50! It lived on a farm in Robertson south of Sydney, the little place where Babe was filmed. Mum and Dad kindly took a day trip there to pick it up for me and brought it to me last weekend.

It's been in a shed for decades, covered in dust, spiderwebs, leaves, rat poo and rat poison and it doesn't work. But that's OK - I only want it for it's keys. It's a shame it wont work tho. I think it might be from the 1930s and could possibly be a Royal, but the name plate has been removed.

I've taken off the keys - it was a bit of an effort figuring out how to do it but once I'd taken the first one off the rest were easy. Now I have a big lump of an old key-less typewriter to get rid of. I feel bad throwing it away though! Here are some photos taken before I removed the keys. Isn't it beautiful.


Lea said...

Oh i love it what a bargain too. Your photos are beautiful what a treasure.

kim said...

well that was a bargain and a true vintage typewriter!!! Shame it doesn't work! What are you using the keys for??